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Alasdair Fraser
14 Maja 1955
Skrzypce, Altówka, Skrzypce (Szkockie)


Legacy Of The Scottish Fiddle, Vol. 1: Classic Tunes - Alasdair Fraser Legacy Of The Scottish Fiddle, Vol. 1: Classic Tunes 2001   CD  
Return To Kintail - Alasdair Fraser Return To Kintail 1999   CD  
Dawn Dance - Alasdair Fraser Dawn Dance 1996   CD  
Road North - Alasdair Fraser Road North 1989   CD  
Driven Bow - Alasdair Fraser Driven Bow 1988   CD  
Skyedance - Alasdair Fraser Skyedance 1986   CD  
Portrait Of A Scottish Fiddler - Alasdair Fraser Portrait Of A Scottish Fiddler 1984   CD  

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