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Michel Petrucciani
Orange, Francja, 28 Grudnia 1962
Paryż, Francja, 6 Stycznia 1999
Blue Note, Concord Jazz, Dreyfus, Owl


Conversation - Michel Petrucciani Conversation 2001   CD  
Concerts Inedits - Michel Petrucciani Concerts Inedits 2000   CD  
Conversation With Michel - Michel Petrucciani Conversation With Michel 2000   CD  
Trio In Tokyo - Michel Petrucciani Trio In Tokyo 1999   CD  
Both Worlds - Michel Petrucciani Both Worlds inne wydania 1998   CD  
Darn That Dream - Michel Petrucciani Darn That Dream 1996   CD  
Marvellous - Michel Petrucciani Marvellous 1994   CD  
Promenade With Duke - Michel Petrucciani Promenade With Duke 1993   CD  
Live - Michel Petrucciani Live 1991 Produkt polecany CD  
Playground - Michel Petrucciani Playground 1991   CD  
Music - Michel Petrucciani Music 1989   CD  
Michel Plays Petrucciani - Michel Petrucciani Michel Plays Petrucciani 1987   CD  
Power Of Three - Michel Petrucciani Power Of Three 1986   CD  
Pianism - Michel Petrucciani Pianism 1985   CD  
Cold Blues - Michel Petrucciani Cold Blues 1985   CD  
Note 'N Notes - Michel Petrucciani Note 'N Notes 1984   CD  
Live At The Village Vanguard - Michel Petrucciani Live At The Village Vanguard 1984   CD  
100 Hearts - Michel Petrucciani 100 Hearts 1983   CD  
Oracle'S Destiny - Michel Petrucciani Oracle'S Destiny 1982   CD  
Date With Time - Michel Petrucciani Date With Time 1981   CD  


So What - Best Of - Michel Petrucciani So What - Best Of 2004   CD  
Best Of The Blue Note Years - Michel Petrucciani Best Of The Blue Note Years 1985   CD  


Non Stop Travels With Michel Petrucciani - Michel Petrucciani Non Stop Travels With Michel Petrucciani 2007   DVD  


The Complete Concert In Germany - Michel Petrucciani The Complete Concert In Germany 2007   CD  
With Jenny-Clark&Aldo Romano - Michel Petrucciani With Jenny-Clark&Aldo Romano 2002   CD  
Conference De Presse Vol.2 - Michel Petrucciani Conference De Presse Vol.2 1997   CD  
Au Theatre Des Champs - Michel Petrucciani Au Theatre Des Champs 1997   CD  
Conference De Presse - Michel Petrucciani Conference De Presse 1997   CD  

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uTaTOgPZY [2013-10-05] Hello Gil, thank you for commenting. Charlie Christian is first on the list beacuse it is a list of guitarists who have most influenced my own playing. I had not become familiar with the Grant Green until much later. I also agree that it is a silly list, but it was only created for fun and then I found I could not leave it alone. As for Emily, YES she was a great guitarist period. She is only in the same category as Orianthi, beacuse she happens to be female. There is no comparison. Orianthi, should not be on the list, as she had no influence on my playing. Don't you think that it is interesting that there are so few female jazz guitarists though? Emily really did make a difference. I was facinated that she thought it was wrong to stop the bass notes in the left hand with the thumb. She thought that people who played like that were trying to play like Jimmy Hendrix!!! Tell that to Barney Kessel, Maybe she already has, sadly neither are with us anymore.
MhTRogzWfuS [2013-10-05] Kee & Sharon, After such a long wait, this is worth having for the rest of our lives. We want you to know that we are so so glad that we hired you as our virahgdepoer because you did a superb job by capturing all the special moments of our wedding. Thank you so much for all the effort being put into this video as well as our pre-wedding video. That was really nice too. We love both the videos very much. Thank you.Mandy & Michael http: //xgvxnhce. com [url=http: //xggiqcokk. com]xggiqcokk[/url] [link=http: //ijzrmou. com]ijzrmou[/link]
8xEM3L1KqJ [2013-10-03] Hi, Kee, Happy Tiger Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai =)This was the first video i viewed (full vsioren) prior to the upgrade layout of the website.I just like it & enjoyed it very much as it is really touching & great . just love it ! Nice & wonderful work!Hmm.. what i like most?? . perhaps i actually like the every detail of it where all the beautiful moments captured and the way it had put it together really well i particularly like the speeches part tooo (both the groom & dad) + the lovely couple with wonderful supportive family & friends . really envy them =)
CTra0idlpC [2013-10-02] Hello CarraolThank you for your visit and comment on my blogI am truly amezad by this photo to the dead leaf, it's a great thank you compositedHave a nice weekendA + + Sacha
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