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Foster Sylvers
Memphis, USA, 25 Lutego 1962
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Prime Time - Foster Sylvers Prime Time 1990   CD  
Plain & Simple - Foster Sylvers Plain & Simple 1987   CD  
Foster Sylvers - Foster Sylvers Foster Sylvers 1978   CD  
Foster Sylvers Featuring Pat & Angie - Foster Sylvers Foster Sylvers Featuring Pat & Angie 1974   CD  

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4 komentarze
8Z3txGEYr [2013-09-12] Great selections as aylaws! Particularly pleased to hear True Image, Rainbow Brown, Emanuel Laskey, Shelley Fisher, Knight Brothers, The Fiestas, Tony Fox and Smokey Brooks. http: //atbhevovos. com [url=http: //ctfmwgvmjb. [spam!] [link=http: //xzljhwztc. [spam!]
yyrCRqgwD [2013-09-10] Steven and Sterling are my cousins. Sterling paessd away due to a brain aneurysm a few years ago. He was a wonderful person and anybody that knew Sterling knew that you better get ready to laugh and have a great time anytime you were going to spend time with him. And that lovely singing voice!!!!!! Man, I miss Sterling. Steven did have a stroke, but is very much alive and living in Downey, California. Before Masterfleet, Steven and Sterling were the Tarbabes at the School of Champions, Compton Senior High School and they both won the American Bandstand Dance Contest one year after the other. After Masterfleet they were a part of Triple S Connection with Stan Sheppard (they sang) the theme song for the television show Dance Fever), and then they put out an Album called Steven and Sterling, produced by Tito Jackson that has some wonderful songs on it. Masterfleet (they were known as the Sematics before they became Masterfleet) would practice in my mother's living room, John Daniels was a musical genius, who was before his time, he wore out my mother's piano creating unbelievable music John would be a multi millionaire in today's music world, he could do it all. This album (Masterfleet) is still being played in clubs overseas, and in my car on my CD player. http: //zalacy. com [url=http: //ixpqbslbys. [spam!] [link=http: //fvhtacmfy. [spam!]
P92YL6Dx [2013-09-10] I also better add to the aritsts for the song Sha la bandit As well as Sandra Wright, Dolores Hall & Aretha the song was also recorded by both The Tymes and The Supremes!
xXfSsipQ [2013-09-09] Great show once again!I won't respond to Paul T's cemmont on the origins of Beverley Shaffer apart to mention that she actually was a classmate of Jo Ann Garrett's and that they both sang in the same choir in Chicago of course!By the way what's the Doris Day / Kim Weston all about?It actually sounds more like it could be Doris than Kim : -)Seasons greetings John.
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