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Zac Johnson
Fort Reily, USA, 19 Sierpnia 1972
Gitara, Banjo, Grafika
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h5c3FwU3Wg1 [2015-12-12] Arelicts like this make life so much simpler.
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sWA6wTPitZ [2015-12-04] Warner is a great guy a new professor here but he is very fair and a nice guy. I took it at 8am and the dlinfiteey interfered as I was very tired during class but the material is interesting, the workload is manageable. Recommended.
nXPrU7lPAO [2015-12-03] Hello all freinds, India had many rgeilions before Buddhism, like as Hindu, Acela, ( naked holy priests) and Natural religion( believe in cow, mouse, snake, goat, or tree as well). So, when Buddhism appeared, it was new idea, very philosophy, morality, scientist, and wisdom for indian people. Later on most people and kings started to believe in Buddhism but some people who were sticky to their old rgeilions got mat with Buddhism from then. From that time, other rgeilions tried to destroy Buddhism until Buddha passed away they succeede in destruction Buddhism by burning temples, scriptures, killing monks, and tried to change Budhism into bad thing in order make people misunderstood , and changed to believe in old rgeilions again. You know, not only Hindu, but also all other rgeilions in the world can not compare with Buddhism as theiry , reality, and practice, but people who believe in Buddhism are so weak and not work together as in one voice. For example, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao, Sri Lanka, and other countries china, Tibet, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Bothant, they never work together. Instead, other rgeilions work as one voice such as Chistianity has head quarter at Vatican in Italy, Islam has head quarter Israel, Hindu in India. They work as one voice , but Buddhist countries do not work together. It is the biggest weak point of Buddhism. 3
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