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Santiago, Chile, 1967
Alex, BBC, CBS, Monitor, Redwood, WEA International, Xenophile


Autores Chilenos - Inti-illimani Autores Chilenos 2003   CD  
Inti-Illimani - Inti-illimani Inti-Illimani 2003   CD  
Canto Al Programa - Inti-illimani Canto Al Programa 2003   CD  
Lugares Comunes - Inti-illimani Lugares Comunes 2003   CD  
Amar De Nuevo - Inti-illimani Amar De Nuevo 1999   CD  
Lejania - Inti-illimani Lejania 1998   CD  
Arriesgare La Piel: I Will Risk My Skin - Inti-illimani Arriesgare La Piel: I Will Risk My Skin 1996   CD  
Andadas - Inti-illimani Andadas 1992   CD  
Leyenda - Inti-illimani Leyenda 1990   CD  
Fragmento De Un Sue?O - Inti-illimani Fragmento De Un Sue?O 1987   CD  
De Canto Y Baile (Of Song And Dance) - Inti-illimani De Canto Y Baile (Of Song And Dance) 1986   CD  
Canto De Pueblos Andinos - Inti-illimani Canto De Pueblos Andinos 1986   CD  
Imaginacion - Inti-illimani Imaginacion 1984   CD  
Vuelo Del Condor - Inti-illimani Vuelo Del Condor 1982   CD  
Palimpsesto - Inti-illimani Palimpsesto 1981   CD  
Cancion Para Matar A Una Culebra - Inti-illimani Cancion Para Matar A Una Culebra 1979   CD  


Best Of Inti-Illimani - Inti-illimani Best Of Inti-Illimani 2000   CD  
Viva Chile/Hacia La Libertad - Inti-illimani Viva Chile/Hacia La Libertad 1990   CD  

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ayCEIoVYnweg U [2012-09-30] Hi Yvonne, well taken photos, and it is sad to see the atiohritues being blind to the various dangers as exposed in your pics.Where I am there's a special section in our local papers, everyday for such irresponsible not to mention the dangers to people, motorists attitude or pointing of fingers, not my department kinds of pics.If such pics appear and politicians from MP's, mayors etc to heads of departments, relevant atiohritues see them, someone sure going to get BBQ'ed and stir fried! FAST!And you can bet one ice coffee, three plain donuts within hours or latest a day, the problems will be rectified and fast!That bottom pic if here, and someone hits it or walks into it, lawyers will have a field day those missing tiles too they'll get get their pants sued!My last trip back in 2002, I was in a car driven by a friend and asked where is Jalan Ampang? You're on it ! Ha ha. I just can't recognise the roads anymore where I used to pluck rambutans at friends homes wayyyy back in the 50 s, 60 s today the Twin towers.My playground for fishing and young days schoolboy adventures was Kampong Pandan, Ampang today, I wouldn't even know where it is.And lately heard Kampong Baru might make way for developement?Holy Smoke the person who thought of that idea should get stir fried! It should be kept as an heritage site.I used to play badminton, climb rambutan trees there at my Malay friends homes.Oh well the motivation for all that is or comes down to $$$.You stay easy and watch where you walk bestregards, Lee.
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