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Chris Slade
30 Października 1946
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XkDidsGIF [2013-04-21] for 3 hours straight I did this. It wasn't giiberbsh, he could tell theat it was precise formation of words. First, has anyone experienced this and second, is there a way for me to understand what I experience overall while dreaming. I have by the way, had a sleep apnea test and went to counseling for a year for nightmares. They actually have become less terrorizing but I still am unable while dreaming to relax and try to fully experience what I see.Also, one of my most vivid dreams I had about 2 months ago, I actually did recognize someone and he looked like a thin but strong scraggly man with long matted hair and appeared to be somewhat older in age yet not elderly. I dreamed about him 2 different nights. The firt night he was trying to get to me to speak with me and I was terrified and ran. In my dream I was running through an old manufacturing plant that had big machinery. I managed to wake just at the point he had me cornered. The second night I dreamed about the same man. I was walking on a grassy path outdoors with a group of people. He was a few feet behind me. I took a deep breath and wanted to see who he was. I [ciach!] back to be walking beside him. I asked him if he was Satan. He said very calmly and without any kind of threatening demeanor, that yes, he was. I asked him if I was going to be ok. He said yes, you are going to be fine. Right up to the point of your death. You're going to struggle a little there but otherwise you will be fine. I actually felt relief and had a sense of calmness for several days.I am a pretty calm and peaceful natured person on the outside but most people don't know how inside I typically feel unsettled and fearful. Just a state of unrest is the only way I can explain it. So this sense of calm was a dramatic difference to the way I normally feel. It was actually pretty wonderfulAny insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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btqGcMhcO [2011-05-10] I'm impressed! You've managed the almost ipmsosible.
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