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Frank Morgan
Minneapolis, USA, 23 Grudnia 1933
Saksofon (Alt)
Antilles, Contemporary, GNP, Telarc


Bop - Frank Morgan Bop 1996   CD  
Love, Lost & Found - Frank Morgan Love, Lost & Found 1995   CD  
Listen To The Dawn - Frank Morgan Listen To The Dawn 1993   CD  
You Must Believe In Spring - Frank Morgan You Must Believe In Spring 1992   CD  
Lovesome Thing - Frank Morgan Lovesome Thing 1990   CD  
Jazz 'Round Midnight: Frank Morgan - Frank Morgan Jazz 'Round Midnight: Frank Morgan 1989   CD  
Mood Indigo - Frank Morgan Mood Indigo 1989   CD  
Reflections - Frank Morgan Reflections 1988   CD  
Yardbird Suite - Frank Morgan Yardbird Suite 1988   CD  
Major Changes - Frank Morgan Major Changes 1987   CD  
Quiet Fire - Frank Morgan Quiet Fire 1987   CD  
Bebop Lives! - Frank Morgan Bebop Lives! 1986   CD  
Double Image - Frank Morgan Double Image 1986   CD  
Lament - Frank Morgan Lament 1986   CD  
Easy Living - Frank Morgan Easy Living 1985   CD  
Frank Morgan - Frank Morgan Frank Morgan 1955   CD  
Introducing Frank Morgan - Frank Morgan Introducing Frank Morgan 1955   CD  
Bird Calls, Vol. 2 - Frank Morgan Bird Calls, Vol. 2 1954   CD  

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