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Little Milton
Milton Campbell
Inverness, USA, 7 Września 1934
Lider, Gitara, Wokal
Chess, Collectables, Malaco, MCA/Chess, Stax


Guitar Man - Little Milton Guitar Man 2002   CD  
Feel It - Little Milton Feel It 2001   CD  
Welcome To Little Milton - Little Milton Welcome To Little Milton 1999   CD  
For Real - Little Milton For Real 1998   CD  
Count The Days - Little Milton Count The Days 1997   CD  
Cheatin' Habit - Little Milton Cheatin' Habit 1996   CD  
Live At Westville Prison - Little Milton Live At Westville Prison 1995   CD  
I'M A Gambler - Little Milton I'M A Gambler 1994   CD  
Who'S Cheating Who - Little Milton Who'S Cheating Who 1992   CD  
Strugglin' Lady - Little Milton Strugglin' Lady 1992   CD  
Too Much Pain - Little Milton Too Much Pain 1990   CD  
Live - Little Milton Live 1989   CD  
Back To Back - Little Milton Back To Back 1988   CD  
I Will Survive - Little Milton I Will Survive 1988   CD  
Annie Mae'S Cafe - Little Milton Annie Mae'S Cafe 1987   CD  
Movin' To The Country - Little Milton Movin' To The Country 1987   CD  
Playing For Keeps - Little Milton Playing For Keeps 1984   CD  
Age Ain'T Nothin' But A Number - Little Milton Age Ain'T Nothin' But A Number 1983   CD  
Blues Is Alright - Little Milton Blues Is Alright 1982   CD  
Walkin' The Back Streets - Little Milton Walkin' The Back Streets 1981   CD  

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