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Anton Webern
Wiedeń, Austria, 2 Grudnia 1883
Mittersill, Salzburg, Austria, 15 Września 1945
Urodzony 2.12.1883 roku w Wiedniu, zmarl 15.9.1945 w Mitterstill koło Salzburga, zastrzelony przez amerykańskiego żołnierza w ramach samoobrony.

Ojciec jego był inżynierem górnictwa. Anton Webern wychowal sie w Grazu i Klagenfurcie, gdzie pobierał prywatne lekcje na  fortepianu, ...
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haPjAMCECwuO IcnZtdk [2013-04-23] I loved the variety this week. -Messaein: I could lietsn to the Louange a l'Eternite on repeat for hours (and have done so on multiple occasions). This is my first time lietsning to most of the other movements, and I must say, it certainly sounds like he's expecting the end. It [ciach!] me to lietsn with the alongside the score. The Abime is my favorite of the solo works so far. While the abyss themes don't stick, the characterization of the abyss versus the birdsong makes the movement memorable. And it's so dynamic! The Intermede came from nowhere and made for a breath of fresh harmony after three movements of mid-war atonality. In terms of the order of movements, I liked how the Intermede's lack of piano made me surprised to hear one again when it returned for the first Louange. And the Louange just bleeds all over you gah! I'll always love it. -Alabama Song was great. I also lietsned to the Doors and David Bowie versions, but for whatever reason I don't like either of them. Something about German women/hookers singing in English about streetwalking in Alabama, or Lotte Lenya's fast vibrato, or how the drums sound like they're on the other side of the room, or the bar song vibe in the chorus (especially when the male choir comes in) makes it for me. The Bowie arrangement makes it sound like it's trying to be in an cult film. As for the Doors, if you're going to sing about whiskey (repeatedly), you have to sound at least a little drunk Lenya sounds almost desperate at times, but Morrison sings it too perfectly. -Ives: Yet another example of why I love program notes. I didn't hear the trumpet as question and winds as answer until then, and now the form is extremely clear. It does bring up a question I have, though, ironically one that doesn't really have an answer when do you choose to make the music good rather than the parts fun to play? The strings create the world in which the question and attempted answers exist, but the string parts themselves don't seem like fun. Then again, I say this as someone who doesn't get to play as often as the string sections, so perhaps this would be a good break for them after something difficult. -Bartok: Contrasts made me realize that I don't lietsn to enough Bartok. The first movement made me smile, especially the theme at the beginning and ending and the blend of folk and classical elements. I'd love to follow along on the score next time I lietsn to this (the [ciach!] article had some cool things to say about the form). -I lietsned to a fair bit of both Lulu (partway through Act 2) and Pierrot lunaire (halfway through?). After reading two versions of Lulu's libretto, I really like it, but it's still hard to follow without English subtitles. I'd never lietsned to enough of Pierrot to hear the sudden burst of tonality in the first third until this lietsning assignment.
Marta [2006-03-05] Anton Webern jest najlepszym komp.XX wieku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jego muzyka jest wspaniaBa!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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