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jD4YLbXLA [2013-09-15] They could have come up with so many better trviia questions for Ghostbusters. Like what did the Mayor call the Priest in his office when the Ghostbusters were being questioned about the cities problems.Oh well not every Trivia book will be gold. Thanks for doing some Dracula Trivia. Even with that painfully fumbled movie you still know Way too much about it to be healthy.About the lack of Video. It was allot less fun. I can honestly say I missed seeing the facial expressions to go with the answers. Whats strange though is there are some parts of this where Mike was almost as hard to hear as he was in the noisy restaurant. Does recording equipment just hate him? Or does he refuse to speak louder than it takes to talk to what he's looking at.Say he's looking at the book page he gets quieter as if he only has to talk loud enough for someone as far away as the page to hear him.It was odd.Since it's now September 1st the submissions on Monster Madness should be closed. Looking forward to what comes from all the submissions.Not sure if I will be around to check out new content on the 2nd since that's my birthday and all but still enjoying and looking forward to new things added to the site. http: //usdguvig. com [url=http: //meztpwtydj. [spam!] [link=http: //obmvqkyeyfn. [spam!]
6yPjEMsZrUp2 [2013-09-15] Well, it doesn't have to be that confusing, you're just tanklig about different statistical ways of measuring unemployment and labor force. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're really tanklig about the difference between the U3 Unemployment measure (the official rate) which sits at 8. 3% and the U6 measure which is a more depressing 15. 1% and includes the underemployed and discouraged workers . (these are classifications given by the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Yes, to be counted in U3 you must be actively seeking work. That's the traditional standard, and it's the one most appropriate for historical comparison. U6 is always going to be a lot higher than U3. What's changed recently is that we're seeing a bigger gap between the two as more long-term unemployed and displaced workers get discouraged and stop actively seeking work. This is particularly troubling as this group's employment prospects are not good. And yes, some of the improvement in the U3 rate is due to people dropping out of the workforce, which is lowering the rate but for a bad reason. But counting everyone without a full-time job isn't neccesarily the answer either. Should an early retiree be counted as unemployed ? How about a stay-at-home mom? Or a part-time worker? Or someone who went back to school? Some of them may want jobs, and some of them may not. This uncertainty makes the U3 rate, those actively seeking employment' the core rate. Of course these figures get twisted and turned all the time to suit political purposes. Let's hope for a prosperous 2012 and a more robust employment picture.
ZpIRpN2pjVlF [2013-09-15] I think because they did so many short films that could be run toeghter, ( film festival), or used to fill time with other movies. Plus the 3 stooges with Curly are pretty darn funny. whoop, whoop, whoop and so on. http: //mxbgeqluhzz. com [url=http: //xuesrjsnk. com]xuesrjsnk[/url] [link=http: //cqkmxicay. [spam!]
nCGKBuj0R9x [2013-09-13] I just spent an hour going through the same thing!!! Also sent an e-mail only to get a reply "returned - mlibaox full" ... Finally went to Google trying to find out HOW to get to the IEQ Form and found this! I give up!!! : -(
b1DJVBsmM0sK [2013-09-12] On the Insiders program some weeks ago, George Megalogenis noted that the conibmed primary vote of the ALP and the Greens has never been under 50% since Rudd became leader. Or words to that effect. I will become interested in the 2PP vote when the coalition primary not just equals Labor's but exceeds it by say 2%. Because, unless the coalition can head Labor, it has no hope of it winning. Notional preference allocations are irrelevent, especially the way NewsPoll does it.
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