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Tribes of Neurot


Insect Project - Tribes of Neurot Insect Project 2002   CD  
Adaptation And Survival: The Insect Project [Neurot] - Tribes of Neurot Adaptation And Survival: The Insect Project [Neurot] 2002 Produkt polecany CD  
60 Degrees - Tribes of Neurot 60 Degrees 2000   CD  
Grace - Tribes of Neurot Grace 1999 Produkt polecany CD  
Adaption & Survival [Man'S Ruin] - Tribes of Neurot Adaption & Survival [Man'S Ruin] 1998   CD  
Rebegin - Tribes of Neurot Rebegin 1998   CD  
Static Migration - Tribes of Neurot Static Migration 1998   CD  
Silver Blood Transmission - Tribes of Neurot Silver Blood Transmission 1995 Produkt polecany CD  

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Koker [2005-08-24] Tribes of Neurot jest po prostu swietna kapelą, klimat który potrafią stworzyc jest tak tajemniczy i mroczny ze zadna inna kapela im nie dorównuje.
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