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Right Dub - Manasseh Right Dub 2003   CD  
Step Like Pepper - Manasseh Step Like Pepper 2003   CD  
Dub Pepper - Manasseh Dub Pepper 2003   CD  
Skenga Ep - Manasseh Skenga Ep 1999   CD  
Spectre: The Missing Two Weeks - Manasseh Spectre: The Missing Two Weeks 1999   CD  
Shining - Manasseh Shining 1997   CD  
Last Call - Manasseh Last Call 1996   CD  
Dub The Millennium - Manasseh Dub The Millennium 1996   CD  

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fZmkutuscqHI XnG [2013-05-16] Coleman wasnt bodily iopsming, nevertheless he was a gifted athlete using the capability to change to burst mode each time he wanted to. With his long-sleeved number 10 guernsey normally rolled In a considerably concise playing years-he endured a career-ending knee injury in the age of 25-he has produced the second greatest goal average within the background of both the VFL and AFL. His comprehensive career goals stand at 537. In one game, he scored 14 objectives once, 13 twice, twelve once, 11 twice, 10 6 times, 9 three times, and eight 5 times. Coleman, distinguished for his fiery state of mind, by no means backed down whether or not he was pitted in opposition to 2 or three backmen. He was routinely called for extreme physical contact, all too often as retaliation in opposition to avoidable thuggery from the opponents side and niggling from spectators. On one occasion he hit a fan who spat on him during halftime and almost did not come out for closing half. He played the rest of the match full of fire and created a string of highlight marks. Colemans passion for the game underlined his consistent trips to the Grand Final and as much as his coaching days. Hes also loved as being a outstanding strategist that focuses on instilling a workmans approach to his people. He directed the Bombers to the premierships in 1962 and 1965. His [ciach!] demise in April 1973 because of a coronary atheroma surprised and robbed the public of one of the most gifted players that actually played the footie. The prize for the [ciach!] with seasons greatest goalkicks is termed after him. Supporters honestly take pleasure in the difficult to get video footage the league has uncovered. They can be extremely thankful if AFL merchandise outlets supply more throwback VFL or AFL jerseys such that of Colemans. Wearing one could be an awesome honour.
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