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Canadian Brass
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Seen And Heard - Canadian Brass Seen And Heard 2004   CD  
Duke Ellington Tribute - Canadian Brass Duke Ellington Tribute 1999   CD  
All You Need Is Love - Canadian Brass All You Need Is Love 1998   CD  
Christmas Experiment - Canadian Brass Christmas Experiment 1997   CD  
Canadian Brass Plays Bernstein - Canadian Brass Canadian Brass Plays Bernstein 1997   CD  
Canadian Brass Christmas - Canadian Brass Canadian Brass Christmas 1995   CD  
Swing Time! - Canadian Brass Swing Time! 1995   CD  
Bolero & Other Blockbusters - Canadian Brass Bolero & Other Blockbusters 1995   CD  
Brass Busters - Canadian Brass Brass Busters 1995   CD  
Fireworks! - Canadian Brass Fireworks! 1995   CD  
Ragtime! - Canadian Brass Ragtime! 1995   CD  
Brass On Broadway - Canadian Brass Brass On Broadway 1995   CD  
Noel With Guest Stars - Canadian Brass Noel With Guest Stars 1994   CD  
Canadian Brass/Noel - Canadian Brass Canadian Brass/Noel 1994   CD  
Red Hot Jazz: The Dixieland Album - Canadian Brass Red Hot Jazz: The Dixieland Album 1993   CD  
Essential - Canadian Brass Essential 1992   CD  
Encore - Canadian Brass Encore 1992   CD  
Ain'T Misbehavin' And Other Fats Waller Hits - Canadian Brass Ain'T Misbehavin' And Other Fats Waller Hits 1992   CD  
Red, White & Brass - Canadian Brass Red, White & Brass 1991   CD  
Canadian Brass Live - Canadian Brass Canadian Brass Live 1990   CD  

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berxSGZsPGSZ Rl [2012-03-04] I have a Vince Guaraldi piano book that I often play from. Fun music.My recommendation is The Roches, To quote from an Amazon rveiew of one of their other albums, The Roches eponymous 1979 release is a unique blending of folk, punkishness, and guitar balladry. It features lovely harmonizing by the three Roche sisters backed by spare, uncluttered, but poetic instrumentation. It almost defies categorization and often ends up listed as Alternative music, given its playful but quirky guitar Fripp-isms (from producer Robert Fripp of King Crimson and Brian Eno collaborator fame). However, this doesn't sound like a Fripp album. Maybe this is best described as folk with a hard(er) edge.
davis [2005-06-30] poprostu..."AMAZING BRASS"
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