Maria Callas
Źródło: EMI
Maria Callas
Nowy Jork, Nowy Jork, USA, 23 Kwietnia 1923
Paryż, Francja, 1977
Angel, Excelsior


Ultimate Callas - Maria Callas Ultimate Callas 2003   CD  
Puccini: Tosca - Maria Callas Puccini: Tosca 2001   CD  
Diva - Maria Callas Diva 1995   CD  
Maria Callas - Maria Callas Maria Callas 1995   CD  
Divina Three - Maria Callas Divina Three 1994   CD  
Live! - Maria Callas Live! 1990   CD  
Bizet: Carmen - Maria Callas Bizet: Carmen 1965   CD  


Best 100 Classics - Maria Callas Best 100 Classics 2006   CD  
The Platinum Collection - Maria Callas The Platinum Collection 2005   CD  
Callas Platinum Collection - Maria Callas Callas Platinum Collection 2005   CD  
Maria Callas Live Collection - Maria Callas Maria Callas Live Collection 2005   CD  
The Very Best Of Singers Series - Maria Callas The Very Best Of Singers Series 2003   CD  
Unknown Teatro Colon Recordings - Maria Callas Unknown Teatro Colon Recordings 1999   CD  
Viva Diva - Maria Callas Viva Diva 1998   CD  
In Her Own Words - Maria Callas In Her Own Words 1996   CD  


The Best Of Maria Callas On Film - Maria Callas The Best Of Maria Callas On Film 2007   DVD  
Callas Conversations Vol. 2 (Ntsc) - Maria Callas Callas Conversations Vol. 2 (Ntsc) 2007   DVD  
Callas Passion - Maria Callas Callas Passion 2005   DVD  
Life And Art - Maria Callas Life And Art 2004 Produkt polecany DVD  
Maria Callas At Covent Garden - Maria Callas Maria Callas At Covent Garden 2002   DVD  


Groc-Turandot - Maria Callas Groc-Turandot 2008   CD  
The Complete Studio Recordings-Special - Maria Callas The Complete Studio Recordings-Special 2007   CD  
The Complete Studio Recordings 1949-1969 - Maria Callas The Complete Studio Recordings 1949-1969 2007   CD  
Opera Highlights (Limited Edition) - Maria Callas Opera Highlights (Limited Edition) 2007   CD  
The One & Only - Maria Callas The One & Only 2007   CD  
La Gioconda - Maria Callas La Gioconda 2007   CD  
Groc-Opera Arias - Maria Callas Groc-Opera Arias 2007   CD  
Classics For P.-Favourite Callas - Maria Callas Classics For P.-Favourite Callas 2007   CD  
Live Recitals Box - Maria Callas Live Recitals Box 2006   CD  
The Studio Recitals - Maria Callas The Studio Recitals 2006   CD  
Groc - Lyric & Coloratura Arias - Maria Callas Groc - Lyric & Coloratura Arias 2005   CD  
Pagaliacci&Cavalera Rusticana - Maria Callas Pagaliacci&Cavalera Rusticana 2005   CD  
Norma - Maria Callas Norma 2005   CD  
Historical Series - Lucia Di Lammermoor - Maria Callas Historical Series - Lucia Di Lammermoor 2004   CD  
Maria Callas - Luxury Edition - Maria Callas Maria Callas - Luxury Edition 2004   CD  
Life And Art - Maria Callas Life And Art 2004   CD  
Groc - Tosca - Maria Callas Groc - Tosca 2004   CD  
I Puritani - Maria Callas I Puritani 2003   CD  
The Passion Of Callas - Maria Callas The Passion Of Callas 2003   CD  
Tosca - Maria Callas Tosca 2003   CD  

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