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Arsenio Rodriguez
Matanzas, Kuba, 30 Sierpnia 1911
Los Angeles, USA, 31 Grudnia 1971
Gitara, Wokal
Ansonia, Musica Latina, RCA, SMC, Tico


Grandes Temas De Arsenio Rodriguez - Arsenio Rodriguez Grandes Temas De Arsenio Rodriguez 2000   CD  
Con Su Conjunto Y Chano Pozo, Machito & Orchestra - Arsenio Rodriguez Con Su Conjunto Y Chano Pozo, Machito & Orchestra 2000   CD  
Tocoloro - Arsenio Rodriguez Tocoloro 1999   CD  
Classicas De Un Sonero - Arsenio Rodriguez Classicas De Un Sonero 1998   CD  
Arsenio Rodriguez - Arsenio Rodriguez Arsenio Rodriguez 1995   CD  
Quindembo - Arsenio Rodriguez Quindembo 1995   CD  
Arsenio Dice/La Pachanga - Arsenio Rodriguez Arsenio Dice/La Pachanga 1993   CD  

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GxV1l6i8Okj [2013-09-11] I'm with Ti Mort and SeanL it's GOTTA be a new song. Those lovely bstaards are being as aloof as always but it wouldn't make any sense at all to refer to a new cover song or existing song (be it ever performed live or not they really aren't the sort to hold any one of their songs in higher regard than any of the others) as special. Let alone tweet about it. Let alone announce that they're going to play it at one performance. They know what they're doing they have all along: they have us eating out of the palm of their fucking hands!I just hope that it's captured in pristine audio and video so I can enjoy it over and over until the new album comes out
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gWH1FIIkB [2013-09-09] A very proud papa indeed. Congrats to Ashley and to you Gerald. What a taenlt. Should we be surprised? This apple definitely didn't fall far from the tree!
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