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Airto Moreira
Airto Guimaraes Moreira
Itaiopolis, Brazylia, 5 Sierpnia 1941
Perkusja, Bebny
Arista, Buddah, CTI, M.E.L.T. 2000, View Video, Warner Brothers


Homeless - Airto Moreira Homeless 2000   CD  
Revenge Of The Killer Bees - Airto Moreira Revenge Of The Killer Bees 2000   CD  
Jump - Airto Moreira Jump 1995   CD  
Fourth World - Airto Moreira Fourth World 1995   CD  
Killer Bees - Airto Moreira Killer Bees 1993 Produkt polecany CD  
Struck By Lightning - Airto Moreira Struck By Lightning 1990   CD  
Samba De Flora - Airto Moreira Samba De Flora 1989 Produkt polecany CD  
Other Side Of This - Airto Moreira Other Side Of This 1988 Produkt polecany CD  
Aqui Se Puede - Airto Moreira Aqui Se Puede 1986   CD  
Three-Way Mirror - Airto Moreira Three-Way Mirror 1985   CD  
Touching You...Touching Me - Airto Moreira Touching You...Touching Me 1979   CD  
I'M Fine, How Are You - Airto Moreira I'M Fine, How Are You 1977   CD  
Promises Of The Sun - Airto Moreira Promises Of The Sun 1976   CD  
Identity - Airto Moreira Identity 1975   CD  
Virgin Land - Airto Moreira Virgin Land 1974   CD  
Fingers - Airto Moreira Fingers 1973 Produkt polecany CD  
Free - Airto Moreira Free 1972   CD  
Seeds On The Ground - Airto Moreira Seeds On The Ground 1971 Produkt polecany CD  
Natural Feelings - Airto Moreira Natural Feelings 1970   CD  


Assential: The Very Best Of Airto Moreira - Airto Moreira Assential: The Very Best Of Airto Moreira 1999   CD  
Best Of Airto - Airto Moreira Best Of Airto 1972   CD  
Essential - Airto Moreira Essential 1971   CD  

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lWrvnAZF [2013-09-11] Hi Claire, I write this on New Years Day 2013, wishing you and the late lognue team a Very Happy New Year. I tuned in last night (I do every night), but was shocked by the music being played, it was so NOT late lognue style; I had to tune away. If you were ill, please get well soon and return to playing that fabulous floaty music that we all love so dearly. Hey, don't forget if ever you are in South Wales my kettle is always on for you. Take Good Care and God Bless, Bilbo x x http: //oxnarfxgrrj. com [url=http: //jksdcks. com]jksdcks[/url] [link=http: //ejcrtxps. com]ejcrtxps[/link]
mGq1KxDOic [2013-09-10] Hi Clare, thank you so much for doing friday night as well, i now dont have to tune into atenhor station on a friday, your music is so good , what taste you have, No more some boring interview with someone i have not heard of, and bad recordings at ronny scotts, what ever your taste in music, interviews in my opinon are bad radio, something the controllers/program planners never seem to understand, we accept adverts(even that bloody brumy and his cracked windscreens grrrr) but just let the music do the talking as your program never fails to do, still by far the best program on radio, keep up the good work
CGjHJz5ZR [2013-09-10] Good morning from Jilin China Claire. Love lnnetsiig to your fabulously smooth music as I get ready to head off to school. I am the [ciach!] of a Canadian High School program at one of the largest chinese High Schools in northeast China ( 5000 + kids). Our program is small , but growing and the students are really wonderful. We are getting them ready to go to university in Canada, so we have our challenges and your great choice of music allows me to start off the morning on a great foot.Sometimes the pick up is dodgy, but generally I get to savor your tunes. Have a great ThursdaySarah http: //wglonnujp. com [url=http: //ugjcfpcv. com]ugjcfpcv[/url] [link=http: //oiosfayga. [spam!]
AOvGricNLg [2013-09-10] Wishing everyone all the very best in 2013.Claire, My peorsnal New Years wish is another CD similair to the chill out tunes of THE CAFE SESSIONS CD you had compiled in 2011. Should you consider and compile another CD to chill out to I have a thought to join in on that possible venture. The listeners of your fabulous Late Lounge help select the tunes they enjoy and email you with their favorite songs and from this list you select the tunes on the NEXT Cafe Sessions CD.I would like to add to this message a final note in saying on New Years Eve I had and I am almost certain my first drink of Martell Cognac ever and I would like to thank the Late Lounge to have [ciach!] in making me aware of Martell through their Sponsor of your show Clair. Martell Cognac will certainly have a permanent place in my home.Good Health to everyone and may 2013 bring you the desires you been waiting for, PS, If you didn't know this is the year of the comet ISON. Look to the skies in late November 2013 as you listen to the Late Lounge with Clair Anderson and a glass of Martell Cognac ..Wabi Sabi Kimmo
ewHlMQUe2cev [2013-09-09] Hello Claire, I am probably one of your, let me say, senoir listeners being a child of the fifties (yes 50 s!) and the wonderful Swinging Sixties oh yes it Rocked and Rolled like a good one! I love the sweet floaty music you play and you are costing me a fortune in buying them for my collection (when they are available that is However Claire, my poor ears were assaulted violently at 12. 45 am (I think) last nights show when you played some awful rapp type something or other it was horrid I had to tune away, but was back again soon after playing loud and proud with my six big speaker set up around my bedroom. I am unfortunately a widower having lost the Light of my life, my Very Dear Wife to cancer after a 30 year wonderful marriage and four now grown and flown children. So I can have the sounds UP as high as I like! No near neighbours, so no worries out here in beautiful South Wales. Oh yes, why oh why do we have a Mono DAB signal here and not Stereo? Any idea's Claire? Anyway moaning over, keep on playing the beautiful floaty ones Claire. God Bless, with Peace & Love, Bilbo.
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