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1wq4A1PUL [2015-12-01] For me, that scene in "zoom out", appearing Walter, leninag back in a chair in a yellow taxi, semi wrecked, abandoned, in a street full of rubble with no one else, just him, is very significant and depicts the moment of hopelessness and dismay that everyone is experiencing that year, 2036. All that "loneliness" environment, along with the sound echoing off the taxi, if filtering, losing by endless rubble, abandoned that street, portray a new Fringe, where it will either have to be constructed, humanized, to achieve a minimum of hope, I see. http: //pfntey. com [url=http: //tzejmvjydr. [spam!] [link=http: //pofkzephje. [spam!]
we6di7PF [2015-11-29] There is a certain note of sednass in this story. He left these messages on all kinds of subway trains, in all kinds of alien worlds. If we are to completely immerse ourselves into the story, the fact that we are reading this means that he had to have returned to Earth at one point or another to leave this story on one of our trains. Did he not realize, being too far removed and too numb to notice? Comment by Niek on October 19, 2012 at 11: 25 pm
MACIEJ LEŚNIEWSKI [2006-02-27] byl to super duet którego lubie sluchać z lezką w oku przypomina stare dobre czasy new wawe

edek z krainy kredek [2005-12-09] no co? super!
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