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NfHtWZBZGTki Mij [2012-05-01] I just did a search on Sufjan Steven's and Gay and I was bruoght to this site. My friend and I were wondering about him. News to me! Anyway, it really doesn't matter if the dude is gay or straight. I have read some harsh statements about this topic and am a little turned off. I am gay. I am not a flaming, feminine, girly boy. I am a dude and could beat most guys in their choice of sport. Please don't stereotype us you'd never know I was and you wouldn't know my friends were either.Regardless, I hope Sufan is gay for my sake . Most talented people have their thing that's why they are talented, because there is this story (or soul) that is unique that yearns to express something most of us can't even relate to. His life is going to be different maybe because he is gay, maybe because his family was crazy, or he was abducted by aliens, who knows I'm not saying all GAY people are really awesome and talented that is reserved for myself and a small number of gays hehe.We cannot do what he does and because of that gay or straight he is a God. So like him because of his music, not for his sexual preference or his really hot smile and awesome musical skills.
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