Julia Lee And Her Boy Friends

Julia Lee And Her Boy Friends
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2001 CD / 1 szt. brak danych Album brak danych brak danych vocal
1. Come on Over to My House      
2. Trouble in Mind      
3. If It's Good      
4. Show Me Missouri Blues      
5. Lotus Blossom      
6. Dream Lucky Blues      
7. Julia's Blues      
8. Lies      
9. Gotta Gimme Watcha Got      
10. When a Woman Loves a Man      
11. Oh Marie      
12. I'll Get Along Somehow      
13. A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid      
14. Since I've Been With You      
15. Out in the Cold Again      
16. Young Girl's Blues      
17. On My Way Out      
18. There Goes My Heart      
19. Snatch and Grab It      
20. If You Hadn't Got Away      
21. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out      
22. Bleeding Hearted Blues      
23. Living Backstreet for You      
24. Wise Guys      
25. Mama Don't Allow It      
26. Doubtful Blues      
27. Ain't It a Crime      
28. Cold Hearted Daddy      
29. My Sin      
30. When You're Smiling      
31. I Was Wrong      
32. Pagan Love Song      
33. All I Ever Do Is Worry      
34. Take It or Leave It      
35. That's What I Like      
36. King Size Papa      
37. Blues for Someone      
38. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles      
39. Breeze      
40. The Spinach Song      
41. Crazy World      
42. Tell Me Daddy      
43. Christmas Spirits      
44. Until the Real Thing Comes Along      
45. Charmaine      
46. Lotus Blossom      
47. Sit Down and Drink It Over      
48. The Glory of Love      
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