Rudebox (Ee Version)

Data wydania Nośnik/ilość numer EAN Typ Czas trwania Wytwórnia Gatunek
2006-10-23 CD / 1 szt. 0094637927526 Inne brak danych Pomaton EMI pop
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lJAPrqxScI [2013-10-06] Thank you everyone for your comnmets! I'm so glad you all enjoyed the post and the pics.Hi TFP - Nawww you are far too kind! Your Cambodia trip looked amazing too. Would love to visit one day!Hi Lizzie - The stingray was delish. You'll have to demolish some on your next visit ;)Hi K - Thanks, and yes I think 5 days in Singapore would be much more do-able! Too many hawker markets to visit!Hi Jessjoseph - Have an awesome trip! I can only imagine your eating list : )Hi milkteaxx - Heh you'll have a blast I'll bet. Hi Karen - Haha I figured I may as well put it all in one massive post! Can't believe you haven't visited S'pore! You'll have to make a detour on your next trip home to KL.Hi Jacq - Oh the normal toast is soooo much better. I also missed getting teh tarik in a takeaway plastic bag. Heh novelty.Hi Corrie - Thanks. I hope I did the delights of Singapore some justice! : )Hi Jackie - We did eat Bambi, and it was so delicious : )Hi Priscilla - lol, I think I got RSI from uploading all the pictures. Heh.Hi PJ Chow - You could worse then Waku Ghin. lol. Enjoy your meal!Hi KFC So Good - I agree that street food will always win my heart. So much joy and honesty in simply prepared meals : )Hi Poorna - Thank you for making your first ever comment : ) Singapore is really easy to get around - the hardest part is finding room in your stomach for all the food. Enjoy your trip!Hi Miss Piggy - lol there's a walkway and huge ledge on the side of the infinity pool (otherwise the water would fall down the sie of the building, lol) but yeah it is a little freaky at first : ) http: //xnqdeylgfkg. com [url=http: //sixgry. com]sixgry[/url] [link=http: //znhzxapalyl. [spam!]
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