Data wydania Nośnik/ilość numer EAN Typ Czas trwania Wytwórnia Gatunek
2005-10-13 CD / 1 szt. 5099752054923 Inne 46:15 Sony Music latynoska
1. Til I Get to You (album Version) 04:53    
2. I Won't Desert You (album Version) 03:49    
3. I Don't Care (english Version) 03:52    
4. Stop Time Tonight (album Version) 04:00    
5. Life (album Version) 04:07    
6. I Am (album Version) 03:29    
7. It's Alright (album Version) 03:31    
8. Drop It on Me (album Version) 03:54    
9. This Is Good (album Version) 03:35    
10. Save the Dance (album Version) 04:00    
11. Que Mas Da (i Don't Care) (luny Tunes Reggaeton Mix) 03:31    
12. Déjate Llevar (it's Alright - Spanish) (album Version) 03:34    
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DBPQVxrRlq [2012-04-28] EnTSyF
kHAehIPvaHsH Xvlgkp [2012-04-27] I was not born in her time, I was about to turn one year old when Hounds of Love was released. Kate's music came to me uenepectxd, and being a songwriter myself, I feel so small in comparison to what a genius she is. Her complex song writing and musical arrangements have inspired many musicians including myself over the years. I am so exited for this release, and so grateful that I can share the excitement of new material from her since aerial. Cannot wait any longer. These updates are torturing me!!!
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